How do I use the FAN header on Cluster HAT v2.5?

The FAN header on the Cluster HAT v2.5 is controlled via GPIO pin BCM18 (set to output and set high to turn the fan on, and low to turn the fan off).

To connect a FAN to the Cluster HAT first solder a 2 pin 2.54 mm (0.1") pitch header onto the FAN pads, the +5V side is closest to the side of the Cluster HAT PCB.

To control the FAN based on temperature of the Controller you can simply load the gpio-fan Device Tree overlay by adding the following to the bottom of your /boot/config.txt file (you can change the 75000 which relates to 75C when the fan will turn on, once cooled 10C less than this temperature the fan will turn off).


Please note the 5V FAN should have an integral flyback diode (most small fans already do) and not use more than 200mA.

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