How do I find all sites hosted on the same IP address?

To find all sites hosted on the same IP address is not an easy task due to the way a server can be configured to answer for any domain name even those that do not exist or doesn’t point to the IP in question.

We advise using our DNSHistory tool to find possible sites hosted on the same IP address.

  1. Open up DNSHistory in a new window.
  2. Type in the domain name in question into the search box.
  3. If the search returns a CNAME then click on this until you get to an entry with an “A” record.
  4. If multiple A records are shown you will need to repeat the instructions below for each IP address listed.
  5. Click on the IP address shown under the A record heading.
  6. Next to the heading “What links here by” click on “A”.
  7. You should now be shown a list of all other domain names that are potentially hosted on this IP address.

The list of domains shown is most likely not complete but should give you a good idea of other sites hosted on the IP.

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