How do I install Softaculous on cPanel?

To install Sofaculous follow these simple instructions:

  1. Login via SSH to the server (as root, or "su - root" if accessing via another user.
  2. Execute the following commands.
    cd /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi
    wget -N
    chmod 755 addon_softaculous.php
  3. Login to WHM.
  4. Under "Server Configuration" click on "Tweak Settings".
  5. Under the "PHP" heading enable "ioncube" for "Loader to use for internal cPanel PHP".
  6. Click "Save".
  7. Refresh the menu in WHM (normally by pressing F5).
  8. In the "Plugins" menu select "Softaculous - Instant Installs".
  9. Softaculous will now download packages - wait for this to complete (scroll within the frame to check).
  10. Once completed click on "Software" to view the installed software.
  11. If you using the Free licence you can now use Softaculous otherwise continue with the next step.
  12. To upgrade the Licence to Premium click on "Home" under the Softaculous banner.
  13. Click on "Buy Premium License" - you will now be taken to the Sofaculous website.
  14. Make a note of the "Softaculous License" number.
  15. Click on "Buy a license".
  16. Login to Softaculous to proceed with the order.
  17. Click on "My Licenses" and open in a new window.
  18. Enter the license number noted above and "Add License".
  19. Close the window and return to the main Softaculous site.
  20. Enter in the License number noted above and click "Purchase Softaculous".
  21. Select your payment method and make the payment.
  22. In the "Plugins" menu of WHM select "Softaculous - Instant Installs".
  23. Click "Refresh License" which should then show the Premium Licence.
  24. Click the "Software" heading.
  25. Check the box just below "Installed" (this will check all boxes below) and click "Update Settings".

Once the above steps have been completed you will have a fully installed and updated Premium installation of Softaculous.

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